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Unsure About Building Your Brand Awareness Strategy?

Building brand awareness works to effectively increase your presence in the minds of your potential customers. Our digital marketing experts will help you build your brand personality in a way that encourages not only recognition but also customer loyalty.

Whether you’re launching a new brand, or in need of a fresh update, we create a defined awareness between you and your consumer, for a lasting impression.

With Marketing Soup our in-house strategists, designers, developers, and marketers add value to your business by delivering strategic, innovative solutions that make your brand better known, better understood, and truly unique.

Defining Your Brand

Research is critical to your brand marketing strategy. Understanding your audience’s needs, wants and habits is foundational in establishing your brand platform. Not listening to your audience is a risk. Customers and employees can be two of your greatest research pools. Ask them what makes you special and why you can be trusted. Be sure to ask where the current gaps are too. A successful brand is always working on creating alignment between how it looks on the outside, how it operates on the inside and what their audience truly needs.

Prioritise Customer Engagement

Proactively find the websites your ideal customers visit and make sure you have a presence there too. Engaging with your customers online and through social media channels will not only build your brand, but it will also build trust and loyalty, leading to increased ROI.


We go beyond “Make it Pretty” and deliver creative work that is truly beautiful and effective. We focus our visual, verbal, and conceptual thinking on design options that help you achieve business and marketing outcomes. Our proven approach is a modern mix of left-brained strategic thinking with right-brained creative problem-solving. The result? Powerful creative solutions grounded in facts and perfectly tailored to your target’s behaviour and the reasons behind their purchase decisions.

Digital Marketing Services to Build Brand Awareness

Find out why you should prioritise brand awareness in your digital marketing campaigns, and discover what marketing strategies you can use to establish your brand among your audience.

  • Reach a more targeted audience in a more cost-effective and measurable way
  • Level the playing field, especially if you’re a small business
  • Interact with prospects and learn valuable insights from them
  • Be hyper-personalized with your audience
  • Reach a global marketplace

Digital Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Adwords (PPC)
  • Video Marketing

5 Key Metrics to Measure Brand Awareness

  1. Traffic

Website traffic is a good indicator of people becoming more aware of your brand. If you are getting increased traffic to your website, this could mean that your brand awareness efforts are paying off.

But when we say traffic, we mean specifically measuring direct traffic and net-new traffic to your site. Direct traffic means people directly typing your URL into the search bar.

Net-new traffic is the number of new visitors to your website given a certain period. Both of these traffic channels indicate changes in brand awareness.

  1. Brand Search

When people type the name of your brand in search engines like Google instead of typing the URL directly, that’s counted as branded search.

People won’t be searching for your brand if they are not aware of it, won’t they?

As a rule of thumb, the more people who are searching for your brand name, products, or services, the more they are aware of you.

Tracking your branded search volume lets you see how general awareness of your brand is changing.

Fortunately, Google offers plenty of tools to monitor branded search volume. You can use Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Google Trends for this matter.

You can find your direct and net-new traffic in Google Analytics.

  1. Brand Mentions

Mention is the number of times your brand, products, or services has been mentioned online.

Mention can either be on social media, in the news, or your industry publication.

Monitoring these mentions lets you know if people are talking about you and how they think about your brand.

Are they saying positive, negative, or neutral things about you? Whatever the case, you can do this to gain vital information for future products, support, and digital marketing campaigns.

To track mentions of your brand, use various tools like Google Alerts or Mention.

  1. Social Reach

Social reach is an engagement metric that shows how your post impacts people. If your post is shared far and wide, it is usually an indication that your content is resonating with your audience.

This metric is measured by the number of people who share your posts for their networks to see.

The more people sharing your posts, the wider your social reach becomes. And what does it mean for your business?

More people will see your content, thus improving brand awareness.

You can use tools like Shared Count to check how many times your posts get shared socially.

  1. Feedback

Feedback comes in the form of surveys and reviews. This is if you want to understand how people see your brand and how you can improve it.

Surveys are great to know how people hear about your business. You can either ask existing customers how they knew about you or ask a set of an audience if they are familiar with your brand, via online or offline means.

Likewise, reviews give your insight into how actual customers perceive your brand.

Reviews significantly impact how potential customers see you, so it is crucial to monitor review sites like Yelp to know how you can improve your products or services—thus improving the people’s perception of you.

How We Can Help?

We can leverage your brand’s value into developing a messaging strategy that amplifies your market presence, and improves business in a number of ways (from sales to retention to the coveted top-of-mind positioning). Our data-driven approach to branding and research leaves no stone unturned.

We’ll honestly know you where your current brand and value proposition stands. And if anything needs to change, we will tell you that in a frank, constructive way, offering suggestions and reasoning based on our research.

Does your brand have a plan?

Meet with our branding experts to discuss your brand identity & design requirements.

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